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Type the following code into your Task bar: Where yourusername is the name of your current Windows account. Manually browse to the Chrome temporary folder. By default Windows hides system folders.

Chrome Old Version Offline Installers - Download & Install Google Chrome Old Version on Windows

In that case you will not be able to see the Appdata map. Try to navigate here:. As demonstrated here, Chrome basically has a double installation present. One for version 34, and one for version Now that we have found the culprit we can start cleaning up old Google Chrome versions by removing files. Make sure that you do not delete the latest version!

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The latest Chrome version will be in the folder with the highest version number. In my example Therefore I can safely delete version 34 and lower.

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Do not delete other files and folders, only delete folders that have a version number! Now you know how to save some hard disk space by removing unnecessary Chrome files. How much did you save???

How to Remove Older Versions of Chrome | Huge Disk Space Used by Chrome

Home Optimize. Move files to and from your SSD without reinstalling by using…. Gaming storage shootout For Windows, please proceed to this article You may want to switch to Safari because it also works with Store v3. How to Uninstall Chrome Close all open Chrome browsers. After it uninstalls, restart your computer for the changes to take effect. How to Install an older version of Chrome Download an older version of Chrome from this link.

After you download the installer, run it, and the installation begins. Related Article: Is this article helpful?

Remove Outdated Google Chrome Files

Do you have any feedback about this article? It's likely a glitch that has prevented it keeping up to date. It would be worth checking if it has all versions back to If there is a gap, then there's the possibility that the glitch has cleared, but didn't auto-clean up versions from earlier. The size reported ought to change next time it's accessed, though at worst could take a reboot.

I found a similar issue today and my solution was simple: If you don't touch that folder, you should be safe. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

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Can I remove previous versions from the Content folder? Ask Question. Alright, so I have to manually delete old Google Chrome versions from inside the app?

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  8. Why is Google Chrome not deleting old versions itself? Therefore, the problem I am facing now is that even though the contents of the Google Chrome app are of reasonable size again, the app package is still 5 GB large. Any idea how to shrink it? Chris Chris 3 8