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Caroline, thank you for documenting the simple way complete success after following this compared to days of trying to follow discussion board suggestions. And thank you for keeping an old blog post fresh -R. Thanks, Roger! It was absolutely seamless! Lucky you! I have found Migration assistant pretty useless the past, even more so now. At present I am trying to use it to migrate from a MacbookAir It hangs every time. I asked for advice on Apple site, none of which worked. I have used disk utility — it reports no problems on either machine.

I am now trying to transfer without Settings and Other files…on advice from the Apple site. Still hanging. Looks like a manual transfer, and connecting a Super Drive thanks Apple for getting rid of that to transfer apps. Should have done that in the first place…. It took about 6 hours.

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Apple Loses Control of Product Migration

I did it wirelessly, with the laptop sitting next to the Time Capsule. It took me a day and a half to get it all done, and was a huge time-waster. But, it was a great way to judge the value of Mac Migration. Good lessons learned.

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The other thing I could suggest is to upgrade the older Mac to the Mavericks current version before making the migration. I did that with my MacBook Air. Great computer. Good idea, Joe! It was totally up to date on the previous OS, though.

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Anyway, he gave me his call back number, and I left the machines transferring and went to bed. The machine had dropped to 5mbps and now said 35hrs remaining - the progress bar on the transfer had hardly moved. Save the 1tb of data to a hard drive, then connect it to the new machine and restore it. Quick estimate, to back up 1tb 3 days. To restore from Time Machine, 3 more days.

Three Tips on Migrating to a New Mac

I asked if I could have this escalated to a more senior tech support person. This is where it gets crazy. I remember when calling Apple meant reaching someone smart, engaged, and solution oriented. But those days are gone.

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Then, I assume a 3 day restore on the new machine. I had the same problem on Friday. I wanted to migrate by Apple the migration assistant app all my data settings, apps, users with about GB from my old MacBook pro 15" to a new MacBook Pro i9 over a Thunderbolt connection. I put my old MacBook pro in the Thunderbolt target disk mode and started the migration. Transfer rate was in between the range of min. The whole migration process took 14 hours! This is equivalent to an average of 8. In the middle of the migration process I called the Apple Support and it became clear, that the Apple supporting team was not aware of this poor performance.

The supporter had to search several times to find a single internal knowledge record, saying that poor performance is quite possible with the target disk mode, but without stating the reason for it.

Migration Assistant: The Easy Way to Move Data to a New Mac | Other World Computing Blog

So the supporter and me argued about the technical reasons for it and found, that in the target disk mode the internal storage device is not connected directly by a high performance controller to the Thunderbolt interface but by a basic system controller. Thus our assumption was, that the performance should be much better, when the migration assistant is started within a full running MacOSX system. It is also to say during the migration process the fans of the MacBooks Air where at their max speed.

So it seems that this approach is the best choice to migrate data with the MacOS migration assistant app over Thunderbolt. Please find in the following some hints to proceed:. Nov 27, 6: I am in the process of migrating GB of data from a Macbook Pro to a Macbook pro via thunderbolt.

How To Migrate Your Data from An OLD Mac to A NEW Mac

Dec 18, 7: Dec 18, Also, some of the operating system has a huge number of very small files which have considerable overhead to. The estimated time remaining provided is very rough and goes up and down as the process continues. It doesn't know exactly what is left to be done, only roughly, so its projections about time left to complete can be far off.

I just did an operating system update on my laptop and it predicted it would take 20 minutes when it actually only took 2 minutes Jan 23, 4: I just wanted to pitch in with my experience. I manage about 40 macs in a corporate environment and have done a lot of migrations. Now, I've recently had the need to migrate a few new MacBook Pros to identical machines. I don't seem to be given the option to use Thunderbolt when trying to run Migration Assistant on both machines "live" , so I've tried Target Disk Mode, and it seems dreadfully slow in comparison hours, again with GB drives.

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